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SitusAMC’s technology team is pioneering new ways to power the residential and commercial real estate finance industries forward.

United by a shared vision to transform the real estate industry, we are pioneering innovative technologies that are changing the way the industry operates. This is being led by our team of expert developers, product owners and project managers, business analysts, UX/UI leads and others who are creating and delivering technologies that serve as the backbone of our clients’ operations, and our own.

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“SitusAMC stands as the leader in delivering innovative technology solutions tailored to our clients within the dynamic Residential and Commercial Real Estate sectors. Enthusiastically committed to fostering the professional development of our dedicated teams, we provide unparalleled career growth opportunities and continuous education, empowering our employees to reach new heights of excellence.” Russell Harris, Executive Managing Director Chief Technology Officer

Russell Harris
Executive Managing Director
Chief Technology Officer

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Transforming the industry

Our technology team is working together to create a stronger and more advanced technological ecosystem. Their focus is not only on supporting our commercial and residential real estate platforms, but revolutionizing the industry itself. This presents the opportunity to develop and implement cutting-edge solutions that are relied upon by respected financial institutions worldwide. By reducing transaction times, improving accuracy, promoting transparency and streamlining operations, you’ll be helping leading organizations seize new possibilities and ultimately foster the growth of better businesses.

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SitusAMC female team member working at a SitusAMC office location.
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Support from all angles

We recognize the important work our Technology team does, and you’ll feel that level of respect from day one. You’ll find the flexibility to express your ideas and turn them into actionable solutions. In this dynamic environment, everyone is invited to contribute, from brainstorming ideas across different peer groups or projects to gaining exposure to new technologies and even consulting with clients.
Our team culture

Collaborating for the better

Experience the benefits of a diverse culture that is both innovative and supportive; a place where everyone’s listening and everyone’s a contributor. Instead of silos, you’ll find hard-working people who come together to produce outstanding results and a group of people who want to see you succeed and who champion autonomy and the freedom to explore new solutions and technologies.

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“I look forward to team meetings, training, development and coaching opportunities. It gives me the interaction with people that I need and appreciate. The more I learn, the more I feel like I can grow with the company. I enjoy coaching others, sharing knowledge gained and finding ways to make our job more efficient.”

Cindy Buchanan

QC Specialist II

“You must treat each client like they are your only client. We put customer service at the forefront of our service offering.”

John Wadle

Director of Servicing Quality Control

“I’m grateful for my ability to adapt because the industry is very fast-paced and always changing. I get put on special projects all the time, which I really like, because it expands my skillset and range of experience. But you need to be able to roll with the punches and stay light on your feet. I’ve done everything from appraisals to modifications to reverse mortgages, which is great, because I’ve always been able to adapt and learn quickly.”

Jon Addison

Senior Analyst

Make your move

Our size and diversity are completely to your advantage when it comes to career advancement. Looking to make a lateral move to a different area and expand your technological expertise? You’ll find the support to do so. As a growing organization, we recognize the value of putting the best people in the best position to succeed.

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Learning never ends

Are you eager to improve your skills? To learn more about how you can make an impact in the industry? Not only do we say “go for it,” we offer support to help make it a reality. Our learning & development offerings combined with the day-to-day knowledge sharing that happens via our accessible leaders and collaborative peers puts you in the driver’s seat for strengthening your professional qualifications and keeping your tech skills fresh and relevant.

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